ATMRC Ltd. was established in 2007, refurbishing NCR ATMs, modules and parts as the ONLY authorised Refurbishment Partner for NCR EMEA and since September 2009, due to our solution and technical expertise and experience, ATMRC became the first and only authorised NCR Financial Solutions Interact Advanced Partner for the UK and Ireland. ATMRC operates cooperatively with NCR but also independently of NCR.

With over 300-man years of ATM-related experience, knowledge and skills, ATMRC's refurbishment process guarantees your machine will operate just like new, whether it's a part, module or complete machine, using genuine recommended parts and modules in every available case. All necessary firmware levels are brought up to the latest available levels. We will also advise and make recommendations of any upgrades available to reduce incidents and service calls. Together with the "in-house" support from the ATM manufacturer, NCR, ATMRC offers the best overall value, resulting in maximising availability and revenue generation for our customers.