ATM Repair Services

Our specialist engineers can diagnose and repair complete machines and individual modules.

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We provide on-site engineering support to our customers across Scotland with high complexity fault diagnostic and repair requirements. We can provide this service to other areas on special arrangement.

Our ATM Repair is generally an escalation service, where engineers have had multiple visits but cannot resolve an ongoing issue. At ATMRC, we provide high-level support in these areas to get machines up and running again.

"The repair quality is high and faults are never experienced on the repaired units. High quality spare parts are used and the repairs are carried out by competent employees."

– John, Fujitsu Denmark

Module Repair

As recognised experts in ATM repair and refurbishment, specialising in NCR ATMs, we regularly receive modules from across Europe, turning around repairs in an agreed timeframe and cost structure.

We discuss any modules that are beyond economical repair with the client before taking further action. Module repairs follow our same Refurbishment Programme processes, with customer’s modules identified and catalogued on arrival and kept separate from all other production units, ensuring nothing gets mixed.

We perform extensive testing and diagnostics on all module repairs before they are returned to customers.

Vandalised ATM Repair

We conduct vandalism repair activities across the UK, including the Scottish Highlands and Islands.

We typically conduct vandalism repairs on location, with minor repairs taking no more than a day. However, we recommend taking extensively damaged machines off-site to complete work at our specialist facilities, offering a controlled environment and minimising the impact on a customer’s business operations.

During the repair, we can, if required, carry out additional security enhancements on a machine to strengthen the ATM and protect it against future vandalism.

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