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Looking after your ATM network with innovative security and protective enhancements.

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At ATMRC, we are passionate about delivering innovative solutions to customer-specific issues and work to protect their ATM network.

Whether you require a modification to a specific site, weatherproofing a machine or strengthening the security of an ATM, we are reactive in providing a suitable, cost-effective solution.

The following are examples of solutions we have developed to strengthen your ATM network's security.

  • CEN Enhancements
  • Enhanced Shutter
  • Weatherisation
  • Storage Box Solution
  • Compact ATMs

CEN Enhancement

Following a wave of specific attacks on their ATM estate, a customer came to us with a requirement to increase the security of their CEN 1 safe.

After some R&D, we delivered an innovative solution that enhances the security of the CEN 1 safe, while only adding 6KGs to the overall machine's weight.

This enhancement can be fitted on-site to any CEN 1 safe within 6 hours.

Enhanced Shutter

Our Enhanced Shutter was a development after a customer had an increasing number of ATMs being targeted with 'Cash Trapping' Fraud.

We developed and installed a solution that has proved extremely effective against this type of fraud.


Due to casino regulation changes in Germany, our customer was looking to use existing space outside their premises for ATMs. We worked with the casino to develop a solution to weatherise their ATM completely. This included a water management system inside the safe and ensuring it was secure for outdoor installation. This solution has now improved the weatherproofing of three different ATM models.

Storage Box Solution

A customer required help fixing an issue with their ATM's router. Due to the lack of space within the machine, the router was being damaged. developed a secure storage box that was fitted to the rear of the ATMs large enough to hold the router, along with additional receipt rolls, fault logbooks, etc. Our solution has been further developed and can now be retrofitted by the customer's own engineers.

Compact ATMs

A customer had a site for an ATM to be installed, but due to issues with the inside floor and pavement height, it was impossible to install the ATM with appropriate disabled access. We successfully modified a 6634, shortening the safe’s height while still retaining the machine's full cash capacity.

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