Testing and Diagnostics

Precision diagnostics that identify any multitude of errors across your ATM network.

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We use both NCR Diagnostics and ATMdesk, software that each have outstanding testing capabilities.

We test all ATMs when they arrive, whether new machines through our Reseller Partner Program with NCR, used machines we have purchased in the market, or customer machines sent in for refurbishment. This process ensures that we know the condition of everything we receive and can report back to our suppliers or customers on receiving goods if there are any unexpected issues.

In our refurbishment programme, all modules are removed from the machine and sent to our specialists for testing. If required, modules are refurnished and repaired before cataloguing their status. After that, all future assembly activities understand that the modules they have received are fully operational, which helps in any fault finding at the final assembly and test stages.

During the full assembly test stage, we include an unmanned automatic test that multitasks all modules on concurrent loop tests. This software was developed specifically for ourselves by ATMdesk. It is a great tool to stress test the units before the final test and audit. Test history and fault analysis are carried out, with information continually assessed to determine if any changes are required to enhance the quality levels of the modules and machines.

Before shipment, if required by our customers, we will stage the machines ready for plug and play installation. This includes loading software, configuration to the router, keypad protection, branding and decals, and even wrap the ATMs to your market needs.

We take a customer-specific, ATM-specific approach, ensuring each allocated site ATM is configured to your requirements, whether free to use, charging, or special.

Collar requirements. Installation reports are shipped with every machine to receive feedback on installation performance. This information is also analysed, and close loop corrective actions are established and incorporated back into our processes.

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